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DWI Classes 


Welcome to Drug Alcohol Classes!

DWI and Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes for those needing to attend classes within the Twin Cities Metro Area:

Driving With Care Classes (Level I and Level II)
One Day DWI/Drug Alcohol Class

Online Classes for Drug Alcohol Awareness and Minor in Possession (MIP & MIC)
Available in all 50 U.S. States, Canada and Abroad.

There are many reasons why you need to take a DWI/DUI or Drug Alcohol Awareness Class.

  • Court-ordered as part of your probation requirements. 
  • Department of Motor Vehicles requirements to get your license reinstated. 
  • You received a chemical health assessment and a DWI class was recommended. 
  • Your attorney advised you to complete a class prior to your court date. 
  • You have a personal concern and would like to participate in a class. 

Each county has it's own requirements for DWI/DUI education programs. We serve as DWI/DUI education providers for the majority of counties in Minnesota. We also work with probation departments outside of Minnesota to provide classes for individuals who need to complete their education requirments within the Twin Cities metro area.

If you received a DWI/DWI it can be overwhelming to work through all the court-ordered requirements. We will work with you to make sure to are meeting the requirements of the state, county and Department of Motor Vehicles.

We provide two convenient locations and a variety of class times and formats to fit your schedule and meet your probation needs, with classes held in a comfortable classroom setting. More information is available at: classroom options.

f an online course is what you need, we have a variety of online classes available.

Ready to Get Started? 

Call 612-282-5576 to schedule your class or for more information.

Our classes have been referred by other names such as: Drug Alcohol Safety Education, Alcohol Awareness Education, Offender Education, DUI/DWI Risk Reduction Class, DUI School, DUI Class, Alcohol/Substance Abuse,DUI Education Program, Drinking Driver Program, Drunk Driving Class, and Impaired Driver Education/Prevention.

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